Personal Motivation For Smoking

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For the motivational interview, I interviewed my roommate about his tobacco addiction. He is a 24-year-old male that has been using tobacco for the past seven years. On average, he uses tobacco around four times per day. During our interview session, we discussed multiple topics pertaining to his motivation for using tobacco, what he thinks about his current tobacco use, and if stopping tobacco use would be beneficial to his life. Throughout the interview, there were multiple scenarios that came up that allowed me to identify personal strengths, weaknesses, and other factors contributing to motivational interviewing. Before the interview, I asked him if he had some time to sit down with me and was willing to talk about his tobacco use. After he agreed, I started out the interview by asking open-ended questions. These questions allowed me to gain a broad overview of his reasons behind using tobacco and how he got started. Once I started to gain a better understanding on why he uses tobacco I started getting more into depth about these issues. For example, I was asking questions related to his feelings about his tobacco use, how his health was being impacted, and if he recognized the risks of tobacco use. It was surprising to hear his answers to these questions and think that he was still using tobacco. He understands all of the possible risks but has not made that final decision to quit for reasons he could not fully justify himself. Mostly, he reiterated that he thinks it

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