Personal Narrative : A Short Story

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=One day Breanna was on her way to the store. She was going to the store for some clothes and food. Breanna is seventeen years old and loves shopping. When she got to the store she saw two security guards. She was a little confused but didn’t worry about it. When she was about to go inside the store one of the guards stopped her. Then she could not believe what she heard.

“I am sorry ma’m but you can not come into this store” said the guard. “What!? Why!” said Breanna. “It is now against the law for a women to come inside a store without a male adult with you” said the guard. “What! That is so unfair!!” said Breanna feeling anger boil in her blood. “I understand how you are feeling ma'am but unless you have a male adult with you then I will have to ask you to leave” said one of the guards. Then in that moment Breanna stormed off.

Right when Breanna got home she went straight to her mom. When she saw her mom she told her everything. When her mom heard what happened the news she was just as confused and shocked as Breanna. “Mom we should really do something about this” exclaimed Breanna. “Honey, we should just give it some time” said her mom. “Breanna I am not talking about this with you!” said her mom starting to get angry. “Ok fine mom!” said Breanna.

The next day Breanna started texting all of her friends about the new law. The first person she texted was Addy, her best friend. Addy was completely shocked, confused, and even a little sad. They kept on

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