Personal Narrative: Bullies Are Real

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Bullies are real.Are you one? I thought bullying wasn't really a big deal...until 6th grade. Her name was Rylee.Rylee and I had been friends since kindergarden,because we had the same teacher,Mrs.Dooley.We had lunch together in 6th grade with this girl named Sadie,who came friends with us right off the bat.Her and Rylee had the same schedule, so I knew Sadie would never stick up for me.Clearly,Sadie would choose Rylee over me. At first,Rylee was just joking around about my lunch or interrupting me when I was talking. Then one day she said,"Carlie,you are such a kiss up to the teacher,teacher's Pet!" I started to believe her.Her words would make me feel bad about myself.As stated no one notice. Rylee doesn't know

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