Personal Narrative: Car Insurance

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You may think that my life was going to be like the average guy. The one who gets a job, becomes successful, gets married and has children. Well not this guy. It all started the summer of 2013 when i was in and out of jobs. I was on the verge of getting kicked out of my parents house, mind you I've been living there since birth. I could barely pay my car insurance and my car note in which I had none. That is an insinuation of how broke I was. The traffic tickets where piled up as far as the eye could see. I was in and out of a horrible yet somehow gratifying relationship with a pregnant lady who claimed that even me taking the slightest of breath is and was wrong in her eyes. I’d have to admit things weren't looking good for me. At least from my perspective. This point in my life I had two kids, no job, no house, barely a car and debt that I couldn't pay back. I’ve used all my reliable resources to find jobs. I was selling items around my moms house for money just for gas, scrounging every corner of the internet or at least craigslist for quick cash and fuel. My future wife had everything I wish I had, a brand new car, a job paying extremely well. She had obtained what I had only hoped for in this current stage in my life. I had to make a decision quick it was hasty but I had to make it. I sat my family down …show more content…

I mean of course i’ve compiled all the important data the pros the cons of our situations. It still boiled down to if I really thought that marriage would be the best thing for me in my life. I mean of course kids played a part, but it came down to something a little more deeper than just a ring, am I truly ready and mature enough to give my life to someone, to not care bout just only myself, but others as well. All this is going through my head as I sit there in the chair getting ready to sign my kids parental rights away to her. “ Stop!” I said. “Lets just take a day and think this

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