Personal Narrative: Defending Your Beliefs, Defying The Odds

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Defending Your Beliefs, Defying The Odds Seldom individuals living here in South Carolina classify themselves as a proud Democrat, or one advocating for the democratic political party. South Carolina has always been one of the largest right-leaning and outspoken states. That is just our reputation in the United States. The majority of people inhabiting the state claim themselves as conservative Republicans. I happen to be an exception. Even though I grew up in a household full of conservative, right-wing Republicans, I consider myself a proud liberal due to their differing views and my views mixing greater with theirs. I have never wanted to consider myself on one side or the other when it came to politics. I just wanted to be on the morally correct side. I realized that it is difficult to talk of one’s views and opinions with someone without placing oneself on either side. Considering and outweighing all of the different views …show more content…

As a youth, that seems completely inaccurate. The beliefs I personally believe in are: pro-choice, believing in human rights, civil rights, climate change, gun control, and helping Black Lives Matter. The issue that I acclaim to the maximum would be being predominantly pro-choice. Pro-choice is an issue of abortion. However, the majority of Conservatives are pro-life, which means they believe abortion should be against the law. It seems logically to me that the woman carrying the fetus should be in charge of her body. Considering it does not seem right to tell another person what they should or should not do with their own body, she should have the right to decide whether or not an abortion is appropriate. Therefore, that decision should be the woman’s personal choice. How would it feel if countless people you never knew or met told you to do things, such as carrying a baby and raising it in my unfit environments and situations, to your

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