Personal Narrative Essay : The Dangers Of Bullying

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Sitting alone in a dark room with nothing but silence. Time seems to have come to a halt and yet my thoughts are still racing. Why you might ask? Honestly I couldn’t tell you why my minds racing. Maybe its because I was bullied since I was 6 years old, or maybe because I watched my family get ripped apart my something very silly and easily fixable. The Doctors told my I had a mental health issues called depression and anxiety. They said I would suffer from the mental issues the rest of my life. They said there wasn’t a cure for it but they could give me medicine to help me feel numb so this issue didn’t bother me as much, but I believe that in your mind there is a war. A war with two sides fighting back and forth to win, but YOU are the winner if you never give up. When I was 6 years old my parent started fighting so they separated, this caused me to have to move schools. I didn’t fit in at all because they all were a bunch of farm boy and girls and I came from the city. They bullied me because I was different. I wore clean new sneakers, they wore old dirty cowboy boots, or they would go hunting and get a big deer when I hadn’t been hunting a day in my life. I Spend my first four years at northridge worrying about school and less about the bullies but the older I got the worse they got. I was now thirteen years old and I was walking to my algebra two class and I had a bunch of heavy books because I was still in fifth grade. A couple of big, mean eighth graders ran into me

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