Personal Narrative: Everyone Is Detrimental In My Life

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Someone incremental in your life really can make a huge impact. You might not realize it until later, but it makes you appreciate all the things that person has done for you. The influence of that one person can help mold you into the person you have become today. The choices you make through life, they could have impacted small things and the more important things like your career path.
Huddled down in the desk of my small cubicle, I beamed into the glaring white lights of the computer monitor, stretching the ligaments of my brain to get a head start on my work for the day. My train of thought was interrupted by the Verizon ring tone. I gazed down at the screen, smiling immediately to see that my mother was calling. It was the usual “hi mom!” …show more content…

Brownfield’s methods were very efficient and clever, while still being fun and innovative. It was like I was getting my old self back, others could see my improvements, not only in my work but also my attitude. I gained something else from her as well, self-assurance and a passion for school. I took my school work by storm from then on with a vengeance, impacting all other subjects in my academic career in a beneficial way. I had a different outlook on others, life and appreciated the extra help and care that she provided. We can all really learn something from people like Mrs. Brownfield. Teachers like her could change the way a child looks at others and frame them to be great. I no longer view learning with frustration, I now look forward to it and move onward with curiosity and exploration. For others that might have a disability or disadvantage when they are younger, having an influence such as Mrs. Brownfield could teach patience and care, that young person could become a teacher as well. Her tenacity, uplifting words and energy all pushed me to do better and to look at school and now life …show more content…

I have gone on to train at four of my jobs that I have had since. It does not take me long to move around in the company I work for, because I want to learn all the aspects and departments. The current position I hold now I got to in one year, the prior year I moved throughout the whole customer care department and trained others. She gave me the passion to teach others and to strive to do my best. I no longer feel the struggle I did and I am not aloof like I was before. People have come to me and told me they feel comfortable enough to approach me with questions and they want to learn to work the way I do. She has instilled in me great work ethic and the desire to help others as she

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