Personal Narrative: My Experience At The San Diego Model Railroad Museum

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During my time at the San Diego Model Railroad Museum, my mentor was Melody Paredes, a kind, easily amused, Hispanic woman. Prior to working at the museum she knew nothing about trains and was still learning details about them throughout my time as an intern. She would constantly compare herself to her colleagues feeling as if there was so much more she should be doing but unable to do anymore. While I would have four projects going on at once, hopping between them to prevent them from feeling monotonous, she would carefully plan which task she would work on prioritizing what had to be done first. Then she would work on that task until she spoke with another employee and would formulate an entirely new project off of what they talked about. Though every project she made changed either because of critique, typically from Paul or me. On multiple occasions, the project she planned two weeks ago would change just the day before and only then would she feel ready for the activity. As to how she mentored me throughout the project, it was a passive mentorship. She would assign me tasks and…show more content…
I stutter, I speak too quietly, I walk too quickly, I felt as if I had completely failed my tour. But the senior citizens I guided thanked me and my mentor said I had made a first good attempt. That's when I realized that while I was praying for her to take over the tour, she was only planning to do so if everything went horribly awry. The trainwreck of my first tour was not nearly as bad as I had perceived it to be. This got me to actually improve my public speaking skills throughout the next three tours I would give during my time there. On the last tour, I gave, I was without Melody’s back up, I left my notes on my desk and I performed that tour perfectly. She taught me these skills by forcing me to develop them on my own and there is nothing I have learned that Is more valuable to
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