Personal Narrative: My Life As A Firefighter

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It was early October and I was having a fun day with Mariah. We had hung out for the day and gotten a bite to eat. Sadly it was time to take her back to meet her father at a point we selected which was Pittsville. We got there, said our goodbyes, and left to go back to our homes. I made my way through Pittsville, into Gumboro where something happened that would change my life forever. As I came through the town I heard a familar but, to me, a sound that had always gotten me excited. It was a fire whistle. My heart started racing and I instantly started looking into my mirrors to see what was coming. Out of no where a brush truck (a pick up truck supped up with fire hoses, lights and sirens) was on my tail trying to pass. I immediatly got out…show more content…
During basic training, one out of 4 classes we had to take, we learned that what ever the situation you are in you must stay calm. When we pull up to a scene of an accident and go to work on a car, it may look as if we are taking a very long time and are going very slow. But half the time we are staying calm and making sure everything happens the way we want it to. In the job of being a firefighter you usually get one chance at some situations, if you screw up well, thats it. During vehicle rescue class we learned that there is a time limit called the "golden hour". The "golden hour" is the time from when the accident or trauma takes place to when they need to be treated in trauma care. Lets set up a situation here; an accident occurs at the edge of our district. The accident gets called in, our pagers go off and we respond. It takes about 4 to 5 minutes to get a truck out and on the road, so that brings us to 55 minutes out of the "golden hour". Since the accident is at the edge of our district it may take us 8 - 10 minutes to get there, now we are down to 45 minutes. The first truck pulls on to scene, gets the neccesary tools out and goes to work. This, depending on the seriousness of the accident, take 10 - 15 minutes to get the patient(s) out of the vehicle (but it needs to be 10 or less), following the extrication we are down to 30 minutes. The patient must now be transported to the hopital by ground or air and this can take more than 30 minutes in some cases. As you can see being calm is essential to us and anyone in danger. If we screw up that is taking more and more time out of the "golden hour" and possibly making their injury worse. I have learned that staying calm in all situations lets you make better decisions and also calms others. Since I have learned to stay calm I have reacted totally different to most situations and urge everyone to do the
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