Personal Narrative: My Parson's Challenge

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For my Parson’s Challenge, I decided to use one of the more personal pieces in my portfolio; my fashion illustration collage. This collage is a layout of several of my original designs inspired by my mother.
When I was born, my parents made the tremendous sacrifice to leave me in China while they returned to the United States to finish graduate school. I never fully understood how big and difficult this choice would be for my then-new parents to leave their two month old daughter nearly 7,000 miles away from where they were. A few months ago, I found a diary my mother kept while she was in Texas back in 2001, featuring a collection of emotions and dialogues between phone calls with my grandparents and I, along with some sketches of me from photos. These diary entries inspired me to create a piece dedicated to my mom’s sacrifice all those years ago. …show more content…

Instead, she always supported my love and desire to become an artist, leading me to actively explore my creative limits through drawing and painting classes. By creating the collage, I wanted to express my mother’s love through my art, and I incorporated a blend of light and dark colors influenced by my image of her personality and identity. I brought out the blue tones in this piece not only to add contrasting colors, but to also signify the peace and wisdom found in my mother’s character. Furthermore, I researched different flowers and their meanings to add into the piece, bringing life and beauty into the

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