Personal Narrative: My Soup Got Burned

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My Soup Got Burned
People need to understand that making positive change all begins with understanding resilience. My passion for soup evolved with my mother’s motivation. The urge to cook a soup first came upon me when I was twelve in my mother’s kitchen. In addition, serving the poor on Sunday at my parish, I developed my passion for making soup. Initially, I started this remarkable moment; however, I wasn’t any good at all – my soup got burned. However, I am proud of that because I did not give up, but I kept learning from that. I’d reveal my secret of my successful life in food: “Learn how to cook – try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all, have fun.”
To be honest, I tried to equal my mother’s cooking skills. She kindled in me a passion. I watched my mother stand over a stove stirring until the soup was just right. She already instilled in me an interest in soup cooking when I was a teenager. To illustrate people’s seeking the solitude in their lives, she referred to a historical figure: “President Harry S. Truman liked to enjoy homemade soup and listen to the birds singing outdoors.” Cooking skills
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After college, I had been gnawing on the ginseng extract and some other herbs. Suddenly, despite my critical taste, I couldn’t see another soup more satisfying than this ginseng soup. That’s the moment I call “the epiphany.” Two years later, in 2002, after countless hours in Mom’s kitchen, my Ginseng soup became a reality. Ginseng soup brings not only taste but also goodness for two reasons. First, it contains a rich variety of the active, healthy component of Ginseng. Secondly, I have noticed that it can reconcile business disputes. If people could get each other to eat when there was a crisis, normally they would reach their best deals so that sipping my ginseng soup can make the friendships strong. Finally, the mission to create a better-tasting energy soup was
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