Personal Narrative: My Spring Concert Band

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For the Spring Concert this year, the Concert Band played three very different and technically demanding pieces, which includes “Endless Rainbows,” “Semper Fidelis,” and “Courtly Airs and Dances.” Though these three pieces were different in mood, each piece still required proper tone, intonation, balance, and full-effort from every musician in the band. Personally, to make sure that I was putting my best effort in rehearsing the pieces in class, I would make sure that I played with a warm, open, dark, round tone by taking in dark air and relaxing the muscles in the back of my throat and mouth and making sure that my tongue was not interfering with my relaxed muscles of my throat. Furthermore, I would make sure that when holding a note for a couple of beats, I would make sure that I would be listening to the people around me and the bass line for any frequencies or just obvious signs telling me if I was flat or sharp. I would do the same at home, too to make sure that I had as open of a tone as possible and most of my notes are in tune. All in all, I can say being in Concert Band for just one year has already broadened my knowledge of what it is like to be a…show more content…
In the beginning of the piece, I feel as though the band could have done better in terms of balance, such that some sections were louder than the others, such as the flutes and clarinets. In continuation, at measure 20, the flutes could have done a better job at intonation so that the part would have sounded smoother. In the discussion of the flutes and clarinets, we also could have gotten in the runs that were not opted out so that the piece would have sounded fuller. Though despite this, the piece did sound very interesting with the whole ensemble, and was a good way to end our spring concert. In the end, given the difficulty of the piece, I believe that the ensemble did a decent job in executing
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