Personal Narrative: My Trip To Sparta

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Imagine, it’s 1960 and you decide you want to walk around the square in Downtown Newark while you have a few hours of leisure. As you’re walking around you can hear the sound train’s brakes screeching and all familiar whistle of the train in the distance chugging along. You can almost smell the infatuating scent of the delicious burgers cooking as you walk past Sparta causing you to stop for a bite to eat. You enjoy looking at the various locally painted works of art for sale that bring beautiful life to the walls. they smell so good you decided to stop for a bite to eat. After a wonderful lunch you head towards the Midland Theater to listen to a live orchestra which you have the best seat in the house for. The concert was phenomenal especially the trumpets. Now, it's time to go do a little shopping.What store should we go to first? …show more content…

It’s a Friday evening and what better way to spend your Friday evening than to go and explore downtown Newark. First stop will have to be Sparta because a juicy, delicious burger sounds absolutely amazing for lunch. Plus, Sparta is an amazing business to buy from. Next on the agenda will be the Midland. You won your tickets off a radio competition to see if you could name at least 20 presidents and you named 26. You are super excited about this concert because you get to go see The Orchestra this afternoon and you have the best seat in the house. The concert lasted a little longer than expected, but you made it out in time to go pick up a few things from the farmer’s market. It’s been a great day. It is bizarre to think how a city can still have so much in common and so much that is different 56 years

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