Personal Narrative: My Use Of Emoticons

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When I was in third grade I remember my teacher, Mrs. Sorgen, had assigned us a short story where we could write whatever came into mind just have the story in a chronological order. At the age of eight or nine, I had a fantasy-prone imagination so that provided my story idea of having an alien invasion and a girl who tries to survive and escape. I basically wrote how she escaped in a timeline order with a special twist. My writing skills were not very skillful, matter the fact it was extremely poor. I did not exactly know how to put objects into detail and analysed facial expressions into words. So I decided it would be a great idea to use emoticons to express the character’s emotions. For example: “I ran into the woods, when I saw a strange thing in the far. I got close to it. I then saw it was one of those things. My face went like this (Insert shocked emoticon).”…show more content…
But when she came to the part where I had put my emoticon, she ended up skipping over it confused as to why I put that there. I wasn’t upset just not sure why she would skip over that. Now that I am older and my grammar isn't too distasteful anymore. I remembered that I did a great job and it doesn’t matter anymore because it helped me learn more about extensive details and what can make the story better. If I could back to that week we wrote that story, I wouldn’t change a thing even though I was a bit humiliated. It pulled me to where I am today with
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