Personal Narrative: Samuel Night

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Marques Bell is a world renowned movie producer and at one time a very close friend of my dad’s. I haven’t seen or heard from Mr. Bell since my dad’s funeral. I can count on one hand how often I can recall my dad mentioning Mr. Bell when I was growing up. I remember over hearing my mom and dad talking about Mr. Bell. The discussion wasn’t polite and my dad stormed out of the room upset and my mom started crying when he left. Mr. Bell has always been polite and kind whenever my mom and I would run into him. I set the invitation down to check my calendar. April 15th is next Saturday. I should be back from my business trip by then. Now for a date, I think this type of party will be very beneficial for Samuel Knight’s career. Samuel Knight is one of three men; I have occupancy me to parties. Since I have no time for boyfriends or dating, and the three men understand their place in my life. I either need them to occupancy to…show more content…
Club Lex is the newest club to open in New York. I’m a silent partner and two of the music acts performing on Saturday are artist signed by Sim’s Recording. It was a win win business deal for me. Sim’s Recording now have a platform to test new artist and I only have to take part in the management of the Club if the current owner is failing. I review the club finical reports twice a month with my accounting department to make sure everything is going okay. Jackson Carter came to me with this business deal and I wanted to help. Jackson is the son of another one of my dad’s friends. Miles Carter was the first music scout my dad hired when he started Sim’s Recording. Miles and dad spent a lot of time together on the road discovering new artist. Jackson is a few years older than me. I remember him and his mom being at the house a lot. Miles unexpected death was hard on Jackson and his mom. Miles died a few months before my mom did. So I was glad to be able to help
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