Personal Narrative-The Art Of Insanity

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The Art of Insanity In the techonological age a teenager, such as myself, with no cell phone, Ipod, or “Smart” device is an anomilie. In the past year, my unplugged life style has left me slightly different form the typical American teenager. Perhaps the most noticeable of these differences is that I am completely, 100 percent present. This past summer I sat next to a college literature professor on a flight to Ireland. We spent most of the ten hour flight discussing the research he was conducting, and various books we had both read andd were currently reading. He graciously answered all my questions and when the plane landed, we both went our separate ways. I would have missed out on the knowledge that the professor shared with me if I had …show more content…

To my dismay there was nothing but dark houses around in a less than pleasant looking neighborhood. I drove around for a bit more whith a completely empty tank of gas until I stumbled upon an almost empty church. I asked the woman there for directions however she didn’t know what city I was talking about. Thankfully, she knew where the closest gas station was and pointed me in the right direction. I arrived at the gas station and when I went inside, the customers and manager admitted that they knew nothing about this city that I lived in, nonetheless how to get there. I bought a map, payed for gas, and sat in my car to think. I used my current knowledge about freeway numbers and there corelation with directions, looked critically at the map, and started driving. 30 minutes later I was back in my driveway. This experience and others like it have equipped me with the neccisary problem solving skills and tenacity that I will need for the rigourouse college work. I do not deny that I am different. By societites standerds, I am borderline insane. However the skills I’ve obtained and experiances I’ve gained are ones I would not trade. I am proud to be insane and encourage others to do so

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