Personal Narrative-Ufo Attacks

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Ufo attacks 

“That UFO is enormous and hanging on top of the mall?”my cousin screamed in confusion as we were arriving at the Fashion Show Mall.”I’m tired of walking”my older brother and cousin said right after they both yawned.”That’s what you both get for staying awake until 3:00 in the morning playing video games”screamed my aunt as we walked in.We were all tired after walking around Las Vegas all day;I was already annoyed with my brother and cousin since they did nothing but whine all day.I was forced to come along as punishment after staying inside for a week playing video games.

But I don’t get why my mother thought sending me to Las Vegas with my family was a good punishment.

“Karihm” my aunt said with a soft voice,”go wash your hands and then come back so that we can all go eat in the food court.”When I came back everyone else was waiting and my aunt was giving each of them money to go get something to eat.I chose a place called “Wraps” it was extremely delicious that waiting in line for a half hour was worth it.They served things that were similar to burritos and crepes.

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