Personal Narrative: Why I Shared My Interests

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This year I did a total of four hours in volunteering. I choose a service opportunity that shared the same interests as myself. I volunteered for the open house and was a lacrosse ambassador. I had gotten to the open house early and helped set up the booth. To make it appealing for people, the head coach and I brought in lacrosse gear, trophies, pictures, and set out the sign up sheet. We also set up a tablet with the St. Ursula lacrosse page brought up so people could brows through last seasons work and accomplishments. When open house just started people started trickling into the gym. There were girls from different schools and some incoming freshmen. At first the visitors were slow, then more and more people started coming to our booth. The coach and I would take turns explaining what this upcoming season had in store and what last season…show more content…
I think back on to the open house and all the people I talked with and know that I am helping the lacrosse program at St. Ursula grow. I feel that I was getting more girls involved and interested in the sport, and possibly having them join the team makes me feel like I made an impact and it feels good to know that I am helping my school and my team. This school has given me a lot of new opportunities that I am thankful for the opportunity to give back. I understand I am behind on hours so I am planning to get some done this upcoming summer. Junior year I am planning on volunteering at one facility to help me get the required hours. I am also planning on volunteering at the lacrosse summer camp to help the new players. I am looking forward to volunteering more because I feel like I will learn more and it will help me be more involved in more community. The volunteering I will be doing in the future, I believe, will not only help other people, but also myself. I need to learn how to interact with people more easily and I feel like I will learn a
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