Personal Note On Core Value

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Core Value I. Understand that writing is a practice which involves a multi-stage, recursive and social process.
This core value is about being able to demonstrate in your writing that you are able to take others feedback and use their feedback to revise your own essay, which I used throughout my first essay and the other two as well. While writing my essays the feedback from others has helped me make my essays better and more interesting. Without peer-editing my essays would have never became stronger and more well written. Also in my writing, when I knew I needed help I knew exactly where I could go for help or revision, such as my family, classmates and my teachers. Therefor, well writing each of my papers I have used a rough draft and a final draft process which I believed was very helpful. While going over my rough drafts I realized that the feedback from my professor and the peer made it easier for me to understand where I went wrong and what I needed to fix. From the comment in essay one; “who is your audience?” The writing should be geared toward the audience. Will this kind of wording reach and convince your audience? At times, the paper sounds like you are telling your audience that they should know better instead of convincing them of your point.” given to me by my professor, this feedback has helped me the most. While reading over what I had written, I was convinced that I had completed my essay the correct way. The feedback from my professor has shown me that I…
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