Personal Note On The Worst Nightmare Of My Life

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I had never been so tense and angry in my life. I spend the last seven months with an infinite to-do list, yet my worst nightmare was about to begin. When I look back to these memories, this experience left a bad taste in my mouth. I realize that I would not have completed it without the assistance and support of my family. The story began on December 15, my birthday, when I first met my dear husband Mostafa. I started dreaming about a perfect, loving, and cheerful life. Soon after that, we got to know each other and started to plan for our life and our journey to the United States. Ten days later, my life took a tragic turn. My mother was at the hospital for almost two weeks. She had a knee replacement surgery, which is a painful and agonizing operation. I felt terrible; it was as if someone took a piece of my heart. However, this incident left me high and dry. My mother was no longer around to help me because at that time I really needed her by my side. Nevertheless, I told myself, “I need to control these emotions and be strong for her.” When you do not think that things could get worse, it really does. My mom’s wound got infected and she had to go under the knife again to sterilize the wound and stitch it, but this time she was only hospitalize for two days. Subsequently, she left the hospital and I started my duty as a full time nurse to my beloved mother.
While taking care of my mother, things become out of control when my brother decided that I would also be

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