Personal Philosophy Of Leadership Essay

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I believe that leadership positions provide an opportunity for one to empower, motivate, and encourage others to become the best they can be. On purpose, I lead by example; therefore, it is important that I represent who I am by how I live, serve, and care for others. My philosophy is to create a healthy, and ethical climate for individuals to be groomed into creative, efficient, and productive leaders. It is also my intent to ensure the mission and vision is understood, and implement strategies that will motivate, build cohesion, and shared values through empowerment. As a leader, I understand the importance of investing not only in myself, but investing in others by training them to be proficient, responsible, and disciplined …show more content…

Through mentoring, coaching, and counseling, I will provide a safe space for my team to share their concerns, and work together to implement a solution. I realize that I can have a negative or positive influence on the lives of those around me so I take my role seriously by showing respect for all, being loyal, compassionate, living a life of integrity, and being consistent; however, I will also correct and advise when necessary. I believe the key component for creating an environment that will support my leadership LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY 3 style, will happen through influencing Soldiers to embrace the vision and commit to living the organizations’ values. I will encourage personnel to be resilient; mentally, physically, and emotionally. I understand that demonstrating positive characteristics can have a positive impact on those I serve. Therefore, it’s important to know those I serve with, and initiate change by being an active, and transparent leader, who builds relationships on trust. “Trusted leaders do the right thing at the right time for the right reason- not what’s politically expedient or career enhancing (Gladis,

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