My Goals As A Leader

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1. Identify your goals as a leader

First and foremost, my goals of a leader are to gain experience with internships or working as a leader for student organizations. I believe experience in leadership is imperative for success. There are qualities of a good leader that you cannot simply learn entirely in a class room, but are learned through actually working with people and managing and motivating them to succeed. After experience, I think it’s important to always continue to learn. Working closely enough with people to find out what personally motivates them, or how to communicate and work with them is something that only experience, continued learning, and trial and error can help. My goals are to be a leader that is respectable, and someone who can effectively motivate and encourage my followers to work hard and be good people. I want to be a good role model and someone who makes my subordinates or fellow group members want to show up and work hard each day. I think a great way to measure leadership success is through your subordinates success and happiness, not just through how you see yourself. Leadership to me, means being a dependable person, someone who is trustworthy and will always strive to make ethical and fair decisions, especially when those decisions will affect other people, whether or not those people are in or surrounding the organization itself. I also feel strongly about being a role model to others. If I lead a good example of a hard working

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