Personal Reflection Essay

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When I interviewed with Brian and Jeff at the beginning of the summer I had very little idea what went on in the logistics world besides the fact that it is a rapidly growing field that needs more professionals now. I didn’t know anything that happened in the real world of logistics, only what I have read and learned in books at UMSL. There is a very big difference between reading about the processes, regulations, and technology and going in to work and experiencing how all those things are used in the real world. Aside from those things, I didn’t know that brokerage in freight was so prevalent. I think the most important thing that I learned from my time at Sunset was how to work a platform of Transportation Management Software. At Sunset, one of the software systems that I dealt with daily was McLeod Trucking Software. On the loads I dealt with, McLeod wasn’t only used by Sunset but both the customers and carriers as well. This allowed all parties to see what the parameters of the load were, what POs were going to be loaded and delivered, and our updates that we receive from our driver about his status on the load. I had never used any kind of transportation management software so it was extremely beneficial to learn how to use one of these systems before I graduate and use that knowledge and training in my future with Sunset or other companies that I may land in. Having this training puts me a step ahead of others coming into the industry with less experience using a

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