Personal Reflection Essay

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This SWOT analysis was soul-bearing in a way, and it gave me a perspective I did not have at the beginning of this exercise. As I started to receive responses some observations I understood, but others I was surprised how others viewed me, but I understood a key to development is the ability to realize your own abilities, behaviors, and evolve. Throughout my time in the college student development program, I have begun to understand that for myself, and the students I serve the key to development is a reflective mindset. In this perspective, I must have the ability to understand my own strengths, weaknesses, and adjust my own mannerisms. Throughout my graduate degree, I have been able to obtain reflection on my past, which presented me …show more content…

Ultimately, I will need to become more comfortable with selling, and presenting my own strengths in new environments. I felt my strengths were accurately depicted, and these are how I try to portray myself at all times. Within a professional, and personal perspective I always try to present sincerity, open-mindedness, and reliability. Since working with students over a year, and a half I realized my abilities are strong in mentorship, and rapport building, which is a strength that I must present more frequently. I was completely aware that in the past, I have taken on too much and this is a weakness I must continue to watch over time especially in a heavy committed career field of higher education. Although I created my survey anonymously, I could tell those who came from my profession and personal backgrounds. I believe I do present a little differently in both areas. With family and friends, I am much more open and less passive. With family, I am typically more assertive in nature, but I have always been shy when in new areas, and continually have walls up at the start. Professionally, I believe I will need to try and put myself out of my comfort zone more often to be able to capitalize on opportunities. One of the main things I have taken from this assignment is that I will need to not get in my own way with opportunities. Personally, I have let people take advantage of my kindness before which is something I could see happening in my professional career. I

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