Personal Reflection Essay

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The comments say that I display a growth mindset and also generate good ideas, but that normally I do not put them in the table and also, I do not take initiative when it is necessary.

My team mates think I listen carefully to others and I work well with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. In addition, the comments show that I should open discussions more often and also sell my idea ore persuasively in order to take them into account inside the team.

The team commented I seek and use feedback from them to continue improving my skills. In addition, they included I should improve my coaching skills to provide other team mates the opportunity to keep growing and improving their performance.

Most of the comments are aligned about I should speak up and take the initiative instead of my confidence in my English, which impact in the different competencies related with the output skills.

Regarding the grades, I evaluated myself stronger than my teammates, but analyzing the substance of the report, the results are aligned with the team. I am aware that currently my confidence in English is a barrier to communicate my ideas to the group, and I should improve my expression skills in order to contribute more to the team. I have to address my ideas to the team in order to be taken into account and I am committed about speaking up directly in the short term instead of overthinking my ideas.

I was surprised about the issue of generating different ideas skill. I used to think
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