Personal Reflection For Founding City Social

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Over the course of the semester, my classmates and I have been following Chris Park and his Instagram closely. Since then, I feel like Chris is now someone on my following list whom I see on a daily basis uploading something new. Chris, definitely makes his presence known on Instagram. He has applied himself to his brand identity and has been working hard. It has been about three months since we have been observing chris and @foundingcitysocial, At first, Chris did not post as often however, I now see him posting about once or twice a day. I also give him a lot of credit because building a company/brand isn’t the easiest thing to do. Chris targets an audience that are potential client for Founding City Social. However, on Instagram, I feel like he targets social media gurus because the information he gives out is really good and helpful. Although, it is hard to identify if his just really vlogging to gain a huge following or drive traffic to his website for business. His target market are mainly start-up companies who really don’t understand how social media works or how to market themselves. An example on Founding City Social a client stated “ “I was building my online persona from the ground up and needed some help. Founding City Social assessed my situation and wrote me a detailed report with recommendations. When I implemented their suggestions, I saw immediate results with the number of job leads that I was receiving. They are a fantastic asset to have!” Chris is

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