Personal Reflection : My Learning Experience In High School

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Out of my three years in high school, this class has been the most memorable and noteworthy. This class as a whole has been an excellent learning experience for many different aspects of my scholarly self. Attendance wise I missed at the most 1 class a month. All of my absences were unavoidable, and whenever I missed a class I prepared for the content I missed. Whenever I missed a day I had no shortage of assistance from my fellow scholars, and when applicable I contacted and made arrangements with Mr.Bailey. In the grand scheme of things the time I missed had minimal impact to my education as I had a safety-net of peer feedback. Preparation-wise I never came to class missing key items and I frequently assisted others whenever I noticed a fellow scholar in need of support. I meet a majority of the goals I set for myself this year in regards to my participation. I began the year with a keen interest in the smaller group, and I slowly pushed myself into the larger group. My initial interest in smaller groups was my ability to lead a conversation and understand group dynamics. This understanding of small group dynamics subtly showed itself to the larger group. I’m a very introverted person in general so when I began making excursions into the larger group my moves were small and simple. Most of participation mid-way through the year was low-risk and infrequent. As the year progressed I started offering my opinion and understandings to group as a whole; however, I still could

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