Personal Reflection Of My Personal Statement : Career Admissions

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Personal Statement:
“Good news, everyone!” As the initial video played during my MAA Mathfest talk, I reflected on the evolution of my career aspirations over the course of my freshman year. While I entered college as a computer science major minoring in mathematics, my enjoyment of accelerated honors calculus motivated me to switch to a double-major in computer science and math. After spending the summer learning about a theorem from an episode of Futurama, preparing a conference presentation, and winning the Pi Mu Epsilon Best Speaker Award, I wanted more opportunities to repeat this type of experience. Committing time to understand a topic and confidently explaining it to a group of people was immensely satisfying, and this moment cemented a passion in research that continues through today. Due to a lifelong enjoyment of computers and general aptitude for math, I chose to apply to NSF REUs with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) during the following fall, my sophomore year. I had no idea which subset of AI would be the most enjoyable, so I wanted to get a fair sample of various topics. Two years and two REUs later, I’ve found my main area of interest: computer vision. These research experiences, combined with math research completed during school semesters, have provided a wondrous amount of background knowledge and a great fascination with using science to solve problems and work with others, especially those that are often underrepresented in STEM.
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