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The person that I talked about for this paper was my grandfather, Richard Davidson. I wanted to talk to him because I didn’t know as much about his past and knew that he has strong opinions about the world and how it has changed. I also wanted to talk to him because I was interested in hearing how the world has changed from one of my older family members that grew up in the United States specifically as I was interested in seeing how much I could relate myself to what we talked about. There was also a perfect opportunity for me to talk to him for around an hour over thanksgiving break in person instead of over the phone. The main thing that we talked about was how he grew up going through World War II, and how much the world changed …show more content…

Along with this he told me that morals are different as individuals don't feel they have to get married if they are pregnant, whereas in the past if you were single and got pregnant, your parents would send you away until the baby was born, and the baby would be put up for adoption. I feel like this idea is somewhat new as I know there are still people now who believe that if a parent is single and with a child that they should put it up for adoption or abortion. He also related the idea of women working back to World War II when women had started helping in the factories during the war, but after the war had ended, a lot went back to more traditional roles. The most interesting quote to me came from discussing how my grandfather had interacted with people from different backgrounds. He said that “We lived and worked with people with different backgrounds and that didn't bother us. However, years ago we knew our neighbors more. We trusted and respected people for who they were. In today's world it's hard to "love" everyone when killing innocent children and bystanders enter our lives. There are so may car Jackings and there are too many guns in the wrong hands. I have always done my best to treat people nicely no matter of their race, their religion or education. In today's world you have to be careful.” This quote really stuck out to me as I hear about all these negative

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