Personal Reflection Paper On Counseling

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Personal Reflection Paper There are a number of historical theories in counseling, which have been used to assist clients during the counseling process. This week’s readings provided quite a few concepts from counseling theories which emerged around the mid-to-late twentieth century. These concepts come from the Adlerian therapy, reality therapy, and person-centered therapy. Within these therapies there were a few concepts that were valuable and interesting to me. Many coincided with my views on the reasons for people’s behavior and human nature. These concepts are also meaningful to me for various reasons. Each of these psychological concepts might be useful when having a counseling relationship with a client in a variety of ways. Counseling theories can help a counselor properly assist someone, which may be more effective, rather than the counselor doing whatever they feel is right at the time of the counseling session (Roy-Day, 2015). Positive Regard This concept comes from Person-Centered Therapy. Positive regard is one of the two fundamental psychological needs, according to Carl Rogers. The text book describes positive regard as the need for love, warmth, acceptance, care, and, respect from others (Gladding, 2005, p. 65). This concept is important to me because I think the lack of positive regard is one of the things which contribute to a person having issues in life. This concept is meaningful to me because I agree that people need positive regard in order for a
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