Personal Religious Beliefs

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To what extent should personal religious beliefs impact our decisions about business ethics
Christian leaders should generate their decisions in the image of God’s word. Luke 6:31 New International Version (NIV) states “do to others as you would have them do to you.” Therefore, it is imperative that leader’s decisions refrain from manipulating, lying, cheating or stealing.
To what extent do your personal religious (or non-religious) beliefs about life impact your sense of business ethics and personal decision-making?
I have been in the Marine Corps for 15 years and throughout my time in the Marine Corps I have had to rely on Gods guidance to generate ethical decisions. For example, there have been plenty of times that I could have stolen from the government …show more content…

Is there more than one way/religion to understanding absolute truth about God and the meaning of life?
I believe that there are stories in the Bible that are both absolute and relative truth. For instance, I do not believe that God made the Earth in six Sun up and Sun down days. I do, however, believe that the Earth was designed in six increments and God rested on the seventh increment. However, I believe that the Bible displays absolute truth as described in John 14:6 (NIV) “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
Do you believe that humans have free will in their decisions, or are they entirely a product of their personal environment, circumstances, upbringing, etc.
I believe that educated, motivated and adventuress individuals exercise their free will in their decision making. However, I find that individuals that base their decisions off their personal environment and circumstances are likely to not be well educated and do not find value in learning and taking chances.
Are things such as true love, beauty, and justice really possible, or are those values totally determined by cultural beliefs and

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