Personal Responsibility and Accountability Essay

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Personal Responsibility and Accountability Due to my recent troubles at work I have been counseled twice in the past several weeks. This has given me a lot of time to reflect at the way I have really presented myself in the Army thus far. I have not always been the best Soldier that I could have been during most of the time I that I have been in so far. Thinking about this does bother me, it means that I could be trying harder to get ahead and better myself as a Soldier and a person. Lets say for example I have been late to work twice in the past several weeks not only to include missing a pt formation altogether. I did this by not ensuring that i had met alo of my neds to ensure that i woudl wake up in the morning. But by doing…show more content…
I did the right thing after not going to formation in the first palce by calling who had already been done with pt. Which is were some realized that I am not a good Soldier and that I need to start being the responsible that the Army needs. In doing so I will be going to pt with a fellow Soldier that is pretty squared away and insuring that I have a way to and from work as well as pt and any other things that may occur. I have thought about these things and realize that this is not how I want to spend mym time in the Army. If people are not responsible for the things that they do then we are all doomed for failure on the battlefield or in an office environment that I work in now we all have the simple responsibilities. By showing this type of irresponsibility on the battlefield it could have costed lives and I know that I would not have been able to handle that. I have determined that due to my recent actions I will not let things like this happen to myself, I am going to take care of my business and get things done the Army way not the shamming Specialist way. Responsibility is not to be taken lightly it is put there to make you a better person and in my case
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