Personal Selling and Sales Management

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Global Perspective
Some challenges associated with an international assignment include job security, readjustment upon return to the U.S. and adjustment to other cultures.
Given these kinds of problems, is that international sales position being offered to we as attractive as it looks? Will it really help wer career?
Particularly in relationship cultures such as China, relationship marketing, built on effective communications between the seller and buyer, focuses on building long-term alliances rather than treating each sale as a one-time event.

Designing the Sales Force
Based on analyses of current and potential customers, the selling environment, competition, and the firm 's …show more content…

Mew evidence indicates that a manager 's culture affects personnel decisions.

Training for International Marketing
The nature of a training program depends largely on both the home culture of the sales person and the culture of the business system in the foreign market.
Continual training may be more important in foreign markets than in domestic ones because of the lack of routine contact with the parent company and its marketing personnel.
One aspect of training is frequently overlooked: Home-office personnel dealing with international marketing operations need training designed to make them responsive to the needs of the foreign operations.
The Internet now makes some kinds of sales training much more efficient.
Motivating Sales Personnel
Motivation is especially complicated because the firm is dealing with different cultures, different sources, and different philosophies.
Because cultural differences affect the motivational patterns of a sales force, a manager must be extremely sensitive to the personal behavior patterns of employees. Individual incentives that work effectively in the United States can fail completely in other cultures.
Communications are also important in maintaining high levels of motivation; foreign managers need to know that the home office is interested in their operations.
Because promotion and the opportunity to improve status are important motivators, a company needs to make clear the opportunities for growth within the firm.

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