Personal Statement : A Transformational Leader

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Align Your Team with Your Vision
“There’s this culture in the Valley of starting a company before they know what they want to do. You decided you want to start a company, but you don’t know what you are passionate about yet. You need to do stuff you are passionate about. The companies that work are the ones that people really care about and have a vision for the world, so do something you like.” Mark Zuckerberg Startup School, October 29, 2011(Zuckerberg, Beahm, & Books24x7, 2012). Zuckerberg spent an exorbitant amount of time building his team at Facebook because he believes in developing alignment between a team, and the company culture can be challenging. A transformational leader will stretch the organizational vision by searching for innovative ways to expand conventions, tenets, and standards. Leaders must establish a positive perception of culture, communicate effectively, and build trust to accomplish the goal of a unified vision. At Facebook, Zuckerberg holds question and answer sessions to discuss concerns and allows contributions to complex problems to come from any team member. This is an example of Zuckerberg communicating his ideas, sharing the vision, and encouraging feedback. Mosley & Patrick (2011) observed four behaviors associated with building a high-performance culture with a unified view:
1. Idealized Influence- This leader earns trust, respect, and admiration of their team
2. Inspirational Motivation- Assist in developing their team
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