Personal Statement : Becoming A Nurse

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There are plenty of experiences in my life so far that has solidified my drive to become a nurse. Volunteer experiences abroad, experiences with other nurses, and my current professors stories of what it was like to be a part of the rewarding field, all reinforce my choosing of the nursing profession. The most foundational experience that steered me to the nursing profession happened when I was 13 years old. My parents decided that I should learn more about my Nigerian roots and they sent me to a boarding school in the village Ijebu-Ijesha, Nigeria. I knew nothing about the country except the reverence and praise my parents spoke with when telling stories of their beloved country. I knew no one in the country but still wanted to gain the experience and learn more about culture, so I went for an entire year. Ms fisher can be attributed to starting the drive to become a nurse. She was the nurse, and only health professional on campus, that was employed by the school. Occasionally I would visit her when I had headaches and she would allow me to rest on one of the cots in the building. Truthfully, I also would make up excuses just to converse with her whenever I felt the need for companionship. She understood what I was going through because she too left her family for some time years ago to learn about medicine and could relate to the feelings of loneliness I was having. She showed me complete compassion and interest in my life that no one else there really cared to offer at

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