Personal Statement : Crisis Intervention

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Because I am a visual learner, the PowerPoint you provided assisted me progress the information. Each chapter provided valuable information about crisis intervention. I found myself lost in the reading and needing more time to digest the information. I wish there was a way to practice the skills in each chapter. In a crisis things happens very fast and my greatest fear is missing a step or not executing each step. Thank you for the additional resources. The video with the demonstration of the ABC model was enlightening. The counselor was able to translate the information in chapter 3 into a work of art. The first client was surprising. She seemed afraid to identify the possible triggers that lead to her attack. I think a more comfortable environment or atmosphere would allow the client to get more comfortable. In the field, the client will not volunteer the information that easy. Based on my experience, it takes three to four visits before a client learns to trust and the counselor establishes a rapport. With the male client, I found it difficult when he was explaining his experiences. Some of the key concepts I felt for chapter three was the following: open-end questions, provide support through validation of emotions, listening, and allow the client to work at his or her pace. The counselor must understand that there is an art to guiding the client to understand the journey to healing. I also viewed chapter 3 as a guide for the session to flow. I found creating a
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