Personal Statement Essay : My Career In Pharmacy

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The road to choosing pharmacy was a winding path. I knew from a young age that I loved science and that the medical field would someday become my home. As I progressed through high school I explored other careers, like physician’s assistants and medical school but I never felt like I had found my niche. I started working for Publix and soon found myself working in the pharmacy as a technician to gain more knowledge about medicine. Before I knew It, I was hooked. I knew I had found my dream field of work. The combinations of Sciences, patients, and the flexibility of the changing world of pharmacy is enticing. I have a wide interest in the scope of pharmacy and find comfort in knowing I can have many different careers within the field. While competing at the Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) student leadership conference I met a faculty member from a nearby University who inspired me with stories of various careers all within my reach. The following year I had the pleasure of presenting with her at the 2017 HOSA conference and was able to share my experiences as a Pre-Pharmacy student, as well as knowledge on the career path to high schoolers. This inspired me further and I found that I enjoy teaching and sharing my passion for pharmacy. As I come to my third year as a Pharmacy Technician my passion for pharmacy has only increased. Not a day goes by that I am not inspired by my pharmacist. My work in pharmacy has presented me with many skills from pharmaceutical

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