Personal Statement : Manager And Leader

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Manager and Leader In my personal life, I have had more disappointments and let downs from people in authority over me. They had the managerial concept, but the leadership quality was lacking. Most of my experiences were fearful driven by overpowering bosses that instilled do it or lose your job, and that everyone was replaceable. Until ten years ago I thought all bosses treated their employees this way, however, then I had a career change abruptly, it was there I met a man that would change my thoughts on bosses, my career direction and the way that I myself lead others today. Sam was the Human Resources Manager at a factory where I became a temporary employee, then became a full-time employee. Sam was not only the manager, but he was …show more content…

He told me that if I looked at this role as an opportunity to serve the people here, and show them how much you care about them, they would, in turn, comply with my requests with little to no effort. According to Owen and Hekman (2012), humble leaders were described as those who provided honest substantive compliments, and they genuinely appreciated the contributions of others. I did not know what to think, first, no manager had ever taken the time to even ask me where I was from or bothered to know my children 's names. At that moment, I knew this man was different. We had a conversation every morning. He had been in the Human Resources field for over forty years, yet he was so humble he went into detail about the mistakes he had made throughout his career, lessons learned and although he did not talk a lot about his strengths, they have become evident to me without him ever boasting about them. Although I made several mistakes he never used those mistakes against me or made me feel inadequate at all, instead, he used those mistakes as a teaching session to make me a better employee, little did I know that he was grooming me into the manager I am today. It became very evident to me that Sam knew something about getting people to follow him, I have never seen the man scream or yell at one

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