Personal Statement : My Personal Identity

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My Personal Identity

I am who I am because of my parents’ influence on my life. Their strengths and weaknesses as human beings have profoundly impacted my personality and my world view in a variety of ways.

With all three of my parents exhibiting a passion for travel and adventure, I could hardly help but become a more curious and open-minded person. Throughout the past eighteen years I have had the privilege of moving with my step-dad to California, Maine, Hawaii, and Washington; following my mom around the country to New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maui, and Arizona; and exploring cenotes, ruins, little-known islands, and destitute villages with my dad in Mexico. All of this adventure has left me unafraid to try anything at least once—to both my benefit and my detriment.

My parents also influenced my personality through their idiosyncrasies. Each of my parents is a perfectionist at heart, and therefore I too, have those same perfectionist tendencies. Whether it is my mom’s obsession that there never be any clutter or dirt in the house, my step-dad’s zeal for following rules and regulations, or my dad’s goal of keeping up perfect appearances, all can be seen, at least from time to time, in my character.

The biggest way in which my parents have influenced who I am and the way I see the world is through the way they love. I know my mom loves me, but she doesn’t know how to sustain a meaningful conversation, or understand the importance of the human

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