Personal Statement Of Pursuing An MBA

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Born and raised by a teenage single mother, I became aware at an early age of challenges encountered by women. What most fascinated me with my mother is that she did not give up high school despite pregnancy, mockeries, and parental pressure; she has made her way to become one of the 31% women of Cameroon’s Parliament while making sacrifices to provide me with a good education. With such model, I strongly believe in power of education and hard working to achieve greatness which is what I am aiming through pursuing an MBA.
I am influenced by the desire to attain a more autonomous managerial position, get more flexibility in work-life balance, and become the person who has the power to promote employees and define the core values of the company.
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Moreover, it will also be an additional opportunity for leadership development through participation to various Forté events (MBA Women Leadership Conference) and networking opportunities with lead executives.
I am particularly eager to receive a scholarship from Forte because I have been involved in various initiatives aiming to women’s development and education, and I will continue while attending MBA.
Firstly, concerned about the vulnerability of young women (rely solely on a men and/or engage in high-risk behaviors and activities such as prostitution) and convinced on their potential to develop economy, I co-founded the social venture IE2F which overall objective is women self-reliance and financial independence in order to improve their livelihoods
Based on National Institute of Statistics, in 2014, among the 21.6 million of Cameroonians, 51% are women, 60% live in rural areas, 37.5% live below the poverty line (< 1 euro per day), and 24% live in households lead by women
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