Personal Statement On Health And Wellness Essay

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Health has always been a topic that has fascinated me. When I think about about health and wellness, my mind goes directly to thoughts about eating vegetables and getting at least thirty minutes of exercise each and every day. And though those are important aspects of health, it does not mean I am fulfilling the area of my wellness. Wellness goes beyond the simplistic areas of general good health methods and dives deeper to personal decisions, hobbies, personality to balance the things that maintain both your body and mind. If I were to describe my present level of health, I would have to say they are currently in a poor. I have been neglecting proper care for my body in terms of an appropriate diet. I have developed some unhealthy eating habits like eating one meal a day and snacking throughout the day, which has left my body in a limbo. Nevertheless, my body adapted to this unhealthy habits and has caused some changes like loss of appetite. And in terms of exercise, I would say I have officially evolved from your common couch potato to a radically rooted one with the help from the tragically wiring world of internet entertainment. However, that is not to say that I have not made any strides in the recent months as I began to plan and successfully created an exercise routine as well as making an effort to exercise more routinely. So again, I would say my currently health is poor, but not as bad as it may be. As for my wellness, despite the extensive effects of my lack of
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