Personal Statement On Student Behavior

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1. Based on your learning in Weeks 3-4, identify one or two goals for the student related to misbehavior. If the student you chose for this study does not exhibit misbehavior, then choose another student for this part of the study.
When students are misbehaving in class, I often remind them that they are making the wrong choices that’s causing them to interrupt their learning as well as the learning of others. Because they are choosing to make the wrong decisions, I remind them that the negative consequence they are going to receive is due to their own choices. Students are provided several opportunities to turn things around as I want them to feel that they have some control over what is happening in the classroom. Despite my effort to …show more content…

One behavior that will be targeted on AM’s contract is staying in his own work area (as he tends to wonder around the room and converse with others). Two other behaviors that will be included in AM contract is raising a silent hand and waiting to be called on, and keeping his hands and feet to himself. The daily score he can earn for each behavior will range from 0-2. He will receive a zero if he did not demonstrate the behavior at all. A score of 1 will be given if he had to be given a warning for that behavior, but then redirected himself. Finally, AM will be given a 2 if he did not receive any warnings. Aside from the behavior plan, I will state rules in a positive way and utilize positive narration in order to motivate the entire class to be more invested in their own learning. I will also continue to count down from 20 to zero to allow students to return to their ready position (Laureate Education, Inc, 2012c). If I get to zero and students are still talking, I will work towards being more consistent with handing out consequences (silent lunch, phone call home, loss of recess). Using these strategies should lessen disruption in the class, resulting in more on task behaviors by all students.

2. Describe the impact you expect this plan to have on the student’s behavior.
By creating a behavior plan for AM, I am hoping that he

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