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Summertime means watermelon, ice cream cones, and barefoot nights on the beach. Summertime also means juicy watermelon stains on clothes, chocolate splotches on the overalls, and stinky feet dipped in mud pies. When it comes to summertime there is no denying the beautiful sunshine and relaxing nights in the yard, but it also means more messy children. Fortunately, with so many wonderful companies such as Right Bank Babies and Crocs, mothers and fathers have less worrying to do about having children that look muddled and disheveled at those family barbeques or summer festivals. If you purchase these brands, your children will look fashionable and clean at any upcoming summer event. Right Bank Babies is a very unique clothing company for …show more content…

The dresses may also turn into flared shirts once your child has outgrown it. Crocs may not be the cutest sandal around, but do they come in handy! Children are often seen playing on playgrounds in the summer heat wearing flip flops and open toed sandals. While these types of sandals could be unsafe because children 's feet can easily come out of the shoe while climbing, parents should consider investing in a pair of Crocs for their children. These sandals are basically a rubber type clog that has a backing strap. Not only is the rubber excellent for cleaning, it is also airy because of the ventilation holes that let out feet sweat. If a chocolate ice cream cone drips on the Crocs, it is easily washable and extremely easy to dry with a bit of soap and water. Needless to say, they are excellent to wear in the water as well. Sneakers and sandals made of cloth or leather are considerably harder to keep clean, especially in the carefree summer months. The Crocs are made of a specially designed material called Patented Closed Cell Resin that actually resists feet fungus. Celebrity parent Liv Tyler and her child Milo have been seen sporting the Crocs around town. Crocs come in various styles such as Crocs Athens Kid 's, Crocs Caymen Kid 's, Crocs Crocling, Crocs Disney Kid 's, and Crocs MaryJane. A pair of Kid 's Crocs will cost you right around $25.00.
There seems to be an alarming trend in clothing marketing and retail to, well, give our young

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