Personal Statement : The Big Five Personality Test Essay

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One of my high school english teachers always told my class that “self assessment is the first step to all assessment”, and I must say I never really paid attention to that until after I read more about it in this course. Throughout this unit I was able to better understand the meaning behind that quote, because a person really can’t achieve much without first knowing what they are capable of. Throughout my life I’ve done a few assessments, but always brushed them off because I was too young to care. After doing a few of the assessments in the book I found myself being really surprised at the different skills I have, whether it is teamwork skills, or just basic verbal skills.
The first assessment, the Big Five personality test, really helped me understand the strengths in my personality. I was able to find an online assessment test that actually gave me more in-depth explanation for my test results, which was very helpful to better understand what I scored. My begining results taught me a lot about myself, starting with the openness to experience section. This section showed me that I am not close minded, nor am I open to new experiences, I am right in the middle, which is pretty true, because I like to pick and choose what new experiences I want to endure. Moving on to the conscientious section, I learned that I am very meticulous, where I like to stay organized and finish my work thoroughly, which is very true, I just never noticed it. The next section of the assessment

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