Personal Statement : The Teaching Profession

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In the teaching profession, we often hear terms from colleagues, administrators, and when seeking a higher knowledge, college professors. As a teacher, we often use these very words ourselves. Such words include blending learning, blooms taxonomy, competencies, individual difference, and differentiation. In truth, some of these terms are used as justification for ideas or theories, without comprehending fully what we, the teacher, is fully saying. I chose the topic of differentiation to better understand what it is and what it isn’t. I know what differentiation is, or should be, but I am witness to so many teachers that use this term, but never practice the strategy. To be completely honest, this topic is a way for me to help my co-workers to actually differentiate the lessons so that every student is learning, not just sitting there passive compliant as the teacher moves on.
The first obstacle in my pursuit for differentiation is finding the need for it. There are hundreds of strategies out there for teachers to learn about and use. The amount of research and research findings are even more abundant. Why do some kids learn, while others don’t? Looking at the data, the books written, the web pages devoted to answering this question, and everybody has their own answer, yet they all agree that hour long lectures are not effective, but that is what is often occurring in the classroom: overly drawn out lectures. Facts that we now know as

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