Personal Statement on Psychology

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I have always been interested in the way people act and what affects their behaviour in social situations. From studying psychology at A-level this passion and fascination has grown so much so that I now want to complete a degree in psychology to further my knowledge into human behaviour and what motivates a person to show this behaviour. From studying Piliavin during my A-level course I learnt about the ‘diffusion of responsibility’ which helped me understand why people are lacking in motivation to help a person in need, this theory became particularly interesting to me when a customer at work who had special needs broke down crying because she had lost a key to her house, other customers in the shop fled and refused to help her if I had not learnt about Piliavin this behaviour would have shocked and confused me but I now understand why a person feels this behaviour is necessary and their only option. Therefore I think that psychology is vital in society and everyday life as human behaviour is always being analysed by others and so psychology is fundamental to be able to understand the human mind in a variety of situations and to fully understand why people think and act the way they do.
During my A-level subjects I have become intrigued about social psychology and I believe this is represented through the work I have completed. This is particularly present when I completed my Extended Project Qualification in which I chose a subject which focused on my two main

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