Personal Statements on Culunary Skills

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The culinary arts demands both creativity and technical skill. It is a paradoxical talent: it can be shared openly, yet it provides great intimacy. Layers upon layers of flavors add depth to food, just as cooking adds layers to one’s character.Cooking is a cornerstone of my life. In Chinese culture, food is representative of cherished traditions. In my family, it is a rite of passage. Each member of my family is taught how to cook at a young age and each is expected to continue doing so after adolescence. Much of my childhood was spent sitting beside the stove as my grandfather julienned peppers and onions while he shared many of the stories of his childhood. There is a certain pride that comes with a finished product, however there is more than what sits on the plate. Learning to cook transcends the preparation of food: it is learning to be autonomous, learning to adapt, learning to share. My rite of passage was a beautifully simple Cambodian classic; consisting of ground beef, fish sauce, garlic, and spicy chilli peppers garnished with cilantro served with cucumber. It was a late afternoon and the meal was to be served to distant relatives. I prepped the dish and the aroma of garlic permeated the room, however my grandfather left the stove unattended. Fearing that it would burn I took over myself and without hesitation I finished it. The euphoria of the moment left me sweaty and parched. I left the kitchen only to return to hear the crunch of a cucumber and advice
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