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Learning anything in school was very hard for me growing up because I always felt discouraged when there were people learning the curriculum faster than I did or making better grades, but reading and writing was something that I always wasn’t discouraged with. I learned how to read and write from experiences and creativity that I had or that was shown to me. My family had a lot of issues and a lot of drama would happen that my brother and I caught in the middle of it so I found a way out of it.
I learned to read all from one boring afternoon at my Dad's house. It was me and my brother in a house where you can't do anything because the parents are jerks. Luckily my Dad had been given some comic books by his friend and he gave them too us. Immediately we ran straight too those godly books, prayed to the god know as Stan Lee for making these comic books. We were going through them looking for which one too read. I found the one to read it was Marvel Zombies and the pictures were amazing, but I couldn’t make out the words well most of them. I decided to write some of the words in a little personal dictionary and write the definitions even cuss words. This made me realize their message of some of their messages or references and it opened a world of letters for me. My brother and I stayed up all night organizing and reading them in chronological order when all of a sudden, my brother stated freaking out.
My brother screamed from the top of his lungs, "Jacob, we are going to be
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