Personality Reflection

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Personality shapes and influences a person. With knowing about ones, personality one can gain personal insight about oneself. In doing this and gaining this realization, one comes to understand one better and know one better. With better understanding and knowledge, one appreciates themselves more, and there is a stronger sense of love towards oneself. This is something God wants. He wants us to love ourselves and embrace the goodness in ourselves because He made us.
In talking about personality, there are four main concepts that Este and Kim talked about in chapter four that have made me gained person insight. One of these concepts is that the human person is made up of soul and body. This made me reflect on how in humans being made of soul and body, we still resemble God. We are all made in his image. The things that characterize us and make us who we are come from God. A second concept that Estep and Kim talked about was that Erickson and Marcia had different theories about personality development. Due to this, it can be seen that multiple theorists sought to provide insight on personality. With each of their contributions, one can learn more about what is valid about it and what is not. A third principle that I gained personal insight in about my personality is that as people, we can come together and help those in their personal growth. With this, I reflected that in my future profession, I will help guide all individuals. I will be a mentor, and I will try my best

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