Perspectives on Individual Development and Change Essay

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The aim of this assignment is to provide a critical analysis of theory in relation to psychological and emotional impact and its application to social work. I will look at the psychological and emotional impacts in relation to discriminatory and oppressive constructions in order to develop and demonstrate my understanding of social work within a multicultural diverse society. I have chosen internal working model and within this attachment theory as a psychological theory, widely used within social work. For the purpose of this assignment I will focus upon Bowlby as the main theorist. ‘for each person there are always two realities –external and internal. External reality is experienced in terms of the individual’s internal reality,…show more content…
As the theories we subscribe to say something about our individual approach. Especially when assessment process posses questions in relation to an individuals ability to care for a child or children and any detrimental affect(s) that could result from their attachments to care givers (Beckett, 2005). Attachment theorists consider key features within attachment to include young children having a need for a secure relationship with their adult caregivers, without which normal social and emotional development will not occur this will impact upon their internal world and self worth all of which depend upon the care from others their ability, availability and willingness to provide care and protection (Howe, 1999). Beckett (2005) argued that many difficulties people have is a result of their early attachment experience, including forming of relationships, parenting, dealing with loss and mental health. Bowlby described attachment as an emotional bond between two people which will lead to regular interaction leading to closeness to one another. A key concept within Bowlby’s attachment theory is that the basis of human personality rests in the earliest childhood relationships. Ainsworth described it as: An attachment may be defined as an affectional tie that one person or animal forms between himself and another specific one - a tie that binds them together in space and endures over time. (Ainsworth et al in Woodhead et al, 1992, p 31)
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